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Forty minutes of your time

...for Four Customer Ideas


What will the 40 minutes look like?

Here’s a brief summary of what to expect. As the title suggests, the calls will take no more than 40 minutes. And this is roughly how it breaks down. All timings are approximate!

First 5 minutes: ‘Permission To Speak’


This part is as brief as possible. We recognise who we are and what we do is as yet unknown to most of you. So to set the scene we can give you a quick guided tour of FourForty. If you’d like to reduce this section, you could have a look around the rest of our website, and bring any remaining questions to the call!

Next 30 minutes: ‘All About You’

This section is the meat in the club sandwich; it works best in three parts. First, your role, your remit, and if possible, what a great year would look like. How would you measure it? Second, some context about why you wanted to have this call. How is business? What do you do that’s good for your customers - and what do you do that’s not so good? What’s your greatest opportunity - and your biggest threat? It’s your call however, so tell us what you want us to know. Then the third part; your challenge. Is there something you need help with? This is the opportunity to brief a team which loves tackling customer challenges, with no obligation.

Last 5 minutes: ‘Recap and Replay’

This section is our replaying the call and summarising your challenges. From what we get in these calls, we rarely need any more information.


Following the call, maybe two or three days later, we will return with the Four; the action-based response. Ideas, strategy-starters, campaign thoughts, whatever is needed. These are yours to use as you see fit. We would like you to continue working with us to realise the solutions we suggest, because we have confidence in our ability to add real value. But that’s up to you.

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