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Episode 3 - Surviving the Recovery

with Stephanie Borne from Shelter and Greg Morris from Formula 1

Your organisation may have survived Covid but could what comes next prove to be an even more dangerous period?


As we all slowly emerge, blinking into the Spring sunlight, we’re increasingly thinking in terms of a return to some kind of normality. But, much has fundamentally changed. In particular, the nature of the relationship between customers and brands has shifted in many ways - some obvious, some less so.


As part of our exploration of this phenomenon at FourForty we’re talking with a wide variety of organisations to hear about their experiences. Have they witnessed fundamental shifts in customer behaviours and expectations? Are these likely to be permanent? Above all, what common themes are now emerging that all organisations now need to be aware of?


It’s hard to think of two more diverse sectors than those of charity and motor sports - so that’s precisely where we began. We’re delighted to introduce Stephanie Borne, Head of Product Development and Innovation at Shelter, and Greg Morris, Senior Brand Research Manager at Formula 1.


In a wide-ranging discussion, we’ll hear some interesting insights into customer behaviours during Covid and some surprising ways in which different sectors can learn from each other in the months ahead.

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