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The Best Customer You Never Had?

Tim Williams

We usually know a lot about the people who buy from us, but how much do we know about those who don’t?

Traditionally, marketers analyse their ‘best’ customers and then seek to find more people who look just like them.

But the problem is that even within this target audience there will be a large proportion of people who don’t purchase from you – who appear to be very similar to your current customers but who, for some reason, are not engaging with you.

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to know why? What if it’s because of something you’d never even considered before? What is it about the product, service, or even brand that works for one person but doesn’t work for someone else who is otherwise very similar?

This is a different task to understanding how to appeal to an entirely new audience and potentially far more powerful because you may only need to make some relatively small adjustments to nudge a large number of people into experiencing your brand.

But do you know what those adjustments need to be?

Rather than just agonise over satisfaction scores from the people who buy, why not also talk to the people who don’t?

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