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The Maverick Marketer

David Stead

I’ll level with you - a month ago when we went live with FourForty, I was a little nervous.

Not because I didn’t believe in what we were doing, or the people I was doing it with but because we were doing something different; selling trust.

I’ve heard trust mentioned in meeting after meeting, I know it’s a hot topic, but I’ve never heard of a client looking for a specialist to build trust with their client base.

To be successful we had a job to do; either find these clients I’d never heard of, or find ones that were willing to step out of their comfort zone and try something new, something novel, something a little different. We needed to find maverick marketers.

Everyone has worked alongside, or for a maverick marketer. They’re the figures we remember, the ones who aren’t afraid to try new things, to take a calculated risk, to say yes to an advertising campaign featuring a Russian meerkat…

And that’s the most important thing here, maverick marketers take calculated risks. They are sure enough of themselves and their expertise that they can sniff out opportunities to break the mould. They never choose the renegade approach just to be different.

We’ve been told enough about these unprecedented times we’re living in - ‘the new normal’, so surely if there was ever a time to step up and do something unprecedented, to be a maverick, it’s now?


So maybe next time you’re looking at loyalty strategies, or how to increase LTV, try looking at it through the lens of trust and see how maverick you feel.

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