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Expectation Gap

We review your customer journeys to identify the gaps between their expectations and their experiences. These gaps then provide prioritised action plans to drive truly customer-led strategies and impactful creative campaigns.

Most Customer Experience strategies look solely at behaviour from the past. Shifting our focus to Expectations allows your Customers to imagine their future.

nathan-dumlao-VJHb4QPBgV4-unsplash 1.png

The answers are always there - but sometimes you need to shift your perspective to see them.

One simple process

Understand the challenge

Collaborative briefing session

Brief write up

Desk research

Internal interviews


Customer interviews

Focus groups


Usability testing

Analysis and recommendations

Customer Journey Mapping

Expectations RAG doc (TIM)

Actions Workshop

Why do you need to know your Customer Experience Gap

A more accurate and detailed understanding of the Customer

Prioritised action plans to simplify marketing plans

See the things that traditional approaches miss

Data shows a picture of the past, understand the future needs of your customers

Map impact across your own customer journeys and understand the blackspots

Understand where you are doing well, as well as areas to improve

Unify internal stakeholder views with a single source of customer truth

Augment existing customer data points (ie. sales, NPS etc.)

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