Customers are complicated.
We make engaging them

We are FourForty. We are for all brands which recognise that investment in a more honest and human relationship with customers is the future.

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"Without people, you're nothing"

Joe Strummer

We're here...

Because customers shape brand futures, not the other way around.

Because we have more means of understanding customers than ever before.

Because that opportunity for engagement is being wasted.

Because complexity is routinely mistaken for value.

Because personalisation is a poor substitute for human insight.

Because expectations shouldn’t exceed experiences.

Because customers don’t really care what brands want.

Because we are customers.

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"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun"

Katharine Hepburn

We offer...


Research to understand wants, needs, attitudes, behaviours, problems that customers need solving.

In effect; to understand customer expectations of your brand.


Customer-focused planning, paired with proven models and frameworks. To shape strategies which evolve consumer experience to match or exceed expectations.


Bringing together all insights and the strategic approach, and finding the core idea, message, hook, human need - call it what you will - which will work to build your relationship with your customers at all stages of the journey.


Deploying any and all available campaign tools across the relevant channels. We’re agnostic in media, technology and channel. We only care about what your customers want.

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See how we can make your customer experience more human

What our customers have said

"We hired FourForty to review our customer strategy and engagement in our US market, with the intention of improving our customer outcomes across the purchase funnel.


We really enjoyed working with FourForty. They strike a really great balance between collaborative and consultative big-picture thinking, with very practical executional briefs.


This helped us consider our approach to customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention from the top, whilst being able to follow a clear blueprint of implementation.


Importantly, they were very easy to work with, with very strong account management, transparency and a clear roadmap of events.”


- Xabi Izaguirre

Parcel Monkey

The team

We come from some of the world’s leading agencies, consultancies and clients, where we learned what works - and what doesn’t - to create a Customer Experience Consultancy designed to improve brands’ relationships with their customers.

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Nick Elsom

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Ste Welsh

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Tim Williams

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David Stead

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Whether you've got a brief ready to go, or aren't quite sure where to start - get in touch and we'll see how we can help.


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...because we're customers too.