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Creative Concepting & CRM

ACCA is a membership body in the finance world, training young finance professionals and maintaining their status through support and Continuous Professional Development. It is a long road to membership and ACCA can be a lifelong career partner. There is a lot to do and learn at the start and churn can be high.

With this in mind, ACCA needed to make their initial communications impactful enough to set expectations, create excitement, and engaging enough to make students take their first big step: book an exam.

We created a series of aspirational concepts that showcased the endless exciting possibilities the qualification and membership unlocked, as well as showcasing the global nature of the qualification - all whilst working within the restrictive limitations of their dated CRM system.

These were then translated across a series of emails that were designed to seed key information in a simple, clear and aspiring way so that students no longer felt overwhelmed but instead felt fully equipped and supported for the journey ahead. We followed this up with support emails to prepare students for exam success and encourage a long and happy relationship between student and exam-provider.



The Expectation Agency

Company number: 13041125

Registered address: FourForty, 7 Bell Yard, London, WC2A 2JR

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