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CRM On-Boarding & Data Optimisation

We looked to prove that visitor preference and occasion-based communications were more effective at driving engagement and, ultimately, repeat visits than a discount card-based approach. To do this we developed a top-line strategy and then implemented a test and learn pilot programme prior to the full launch of a Europe-wide campaign.

We created actionable dynamic segmentation based on a mix of centre-visitor categories (families, retired, singles, etc.) and visit occasions (day out with friends, back to school, preparing for summer holidays, etc.).

Using a visual data capture methodology, informed by customer behavioural psychology enabled rich, useful insight to be captured without placing too heavy a cognitive load on recipients.

Over the course of project we maintained acquisition rates vs. the incumbent discount ‘bribe’ control group, whilst achieving a 400% year on year uplift in email engagement.


"This is a team which will give you a smart and no-nonsense service, always finding ways to simplify the complexities of customer engagement. I worked with them across loyalty, CRM, and latterly to re-shape an entire digital strategy around customer needs and customer

occasions. It’s an effective and refreshing model they have.”

Antonio Silano

Vertu, McArthurGlen, Travelopia


The Expectation Agency

Company number: 13041125

Registered address: FourForty, 7 Bell Yard, London, WC2A 2JR

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