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The Expectations Audit

The Expectation Audit - developed in partnership with the University of Leeds Business School - is a process that deep dives into a particular part of a customer journey and uses existing research, team insight and primary qualitative research to draw a detailed picture of how customers really see the interaction. It focuses on understanding customer expectations at the start of the interaction and results in a prioritised action list that ensures customer expectations are met or exceeded, which results in greater customer loyalty.

The process is spread across 3 main phases, with the end output a prioritised and actionable set if suggestions for you to better set, and exceed your customers unique expectations.

Phase 1

Objectives, purpose, planning and scope

At the start of the project, we look to:

  • Align all key stakeholders on the vision of the project, and to capture all of their understanding, insight and experience.

  • Audit and gather all currently available insight: demographic and behavioural data, existing qual and quant research, other surveys

  • Evaluate and draw initial hypotheses/directions

The main output from this is an Initial Research/Strategy Brief, including ‘Expectation’ hypotheses and data correlations found so far, plus an action plan and scope for the second phase.

Phase 2

Insight gathering

We will build on the learnings from Phase 1 with targeted research. This might be:


  • Further focus groups

  • Incremental surveys

  • Test campaigns

  • Interviews

From this we're able to get substantiated and robust support for hypotheses and Expectations based summary from phase 1.

This is then used as the basis for the next stage, which aims to apply the Expectation-based report to a Student retention strategy.

Phase 3

Building an Expectation Profile

The final phase takes all the learnings so far and pulls it together into our Customer Expectations Matrix. This prioritised action plan, agreed by all stakeholders can forms a substantiated and user testing strategy for you to take your business forward, and fits as the core for your marketing strategies.

For more information on how we could help your business, get in touch.


The Expectation Agency

Company number: 13041125

Registered address: FourForty, 7 Bell Yard, London, WC2A 2JR

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