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Acquisition Strategy & Activation Creative

Outdoor Chef wanted to expand across Europe. The issue was that this BBQ changed the outdoor cooking game... maybe too much. People were not used to how it worked, nor did they know that they needed all the features it offered - from high-heat wok frying to baking. It was an answer to many questions that weren’t being asked. The story was very different however when the product was in people’s hands - it sold itself. So challenge was simple - to create an acquisition campaign that gave potential customers this hands on experience, showcasing the many features of the product without them having the product there in front of them.

We worked to create a number of execution concepts that did just this. We knew we had to do something out of the ordinary - something that put this outside of the standard BBQ in the buyer’s mind’s eye, showcasing the wow-factor of this product - so we created ‘No Two the Same’.

10 vloggers would be given the goal to cook a weeks worth of meals using only the Outdoor Chef. Each day would require them to cook 3 meals with one rule - they couldn’t cook the same thing twice.



The Expectation Agency

Company number: 13041125

Registered address: FourForty, 7 Bell Yard, London, WC2A 2JR

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